Australian Piano Lullabies

Vanessa Sharman

At the heart of Australian Piano Lullabies is the collaboration with a diverse group of composers, each bringing a unique voice and style to the creation of solo piano lullabies. The commissioned works will span a range of styles from classical to contemporary, reflecting a rich tapestry of musical influences and traditions. Once the compositions are completed, the project will transition into the performance phase. A series of intimate concerts will be organised, where these new lullabies will be performed. The performances will take place in various settings, from concert halls to more personal, cozy venues, allowing audiences to experience the music in different atmospheres. Each performance aims to create a serene and contemplative environment, inviting listeners to connect with the music on a personal level. 

Composers include Katy Abbott, Simon Barber, Bruce Crossman, Angus Davison, Houston Dunleavy, Dominic Flynn, Stuart Greenbaum, Don Kay, Linda Kouvaras, Christine McCombe, Eric Mitchell, Ian Munro, Simon Reade and Catherine Wood.

The project explores the soothing and intimate genre of the lullaby, transforming it into captivating piano solos that evoke tranquillity and nostalgia.

Vanessa has been granted the chance to participate in an artist residency in Luberon, France, in December and January 24/25. The serene and natural beauty of the residency will provide an ideal setting for creativity and reflection. This tranquil environment will allow Vanessa to immerse herself fully in the project, drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape to create compositions that truly resonate with the essence of lullabies

The project aspires to leave a lasting impact on the contemporary music landscape by enriching the solo piano repertoire with a collection of exquisite lullabies. Australia Piano Lullabies is a celebration of the gentle art of lullabies reimagined for solo piano. By bringing together talented composers and the rich and deeply personal performance from Vanessa, the project promises to deliver an enchanting and introspective musical journey that resonates deeply with listeners of all ages.


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The Australian Lullabies

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